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About Us

Our 4-axis vertical CNC machining centers, precision CNC lathes and 5-axis swiss-style lathe ensure flexibility in machining complex shapes and sizes.

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Our Expertise

We employ a highly experienced staff of aerospace machinists, many with more than 20 years of precision CNC machining experience in the aerospace industry.

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Our Capabilities

We operate a clean facility with a variety of precision CNC machines which allows us to fill even large orders on a tight schedule.

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Get In Touch

For customer service, business related questions or to order pacts please contact us by phone or email.

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ISO 9001 Compliant

We are ISO 9001 compliant. Our 4-axis precision vertical CNC machining centers and precision turning lathes ensure flexibility in machining complex shapes and sizes.

Highest Volume Product

Our highest volume product is the air regulator valve for the evacuation slides on the Boeing 737.


Through our supply chain management, we can supply finished products with anodizing, heat treatments, partial or complete assembly, and coatings, all of which reduces the number of outside aerospace suppliers you need to manage.



Happy To Serve You

When you partner with Precision Aircraft Group, you get much more than just precision machining. We also offer turnkey product management that can simplify your supply chain and anticipate your future needs.

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